French Door Shutters

French Doors are often difficult to find a suitable window dressing for. Traditional coverings like blinds and curtains can be cumbersome and not very practical. This is where Shutter Master’s French Door Shutters come into their own.
Not only do they look very stylish but our French Door Shutters have many advantages over other window blinds and curtains. Some of these advantages are listed below:

Features & Benefits

  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Added Security
  • Easily Operated
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • Available Wide Range Of Colours
  • Custom Colour Option
  • Choice Of Materials

Because of the size of French doors usually only the light weight natural timbers are used. These natural timbers will be slightly more expensive than the composite materials like MDF which is our biggest selling material. However, with the introduction of our new Bali range, which is a hybrid of MDF frames and Vinyl louvers, this not only keeps the weight down but also makes them more affordable.

Image Of French Door Shutters
French Door Shutters in Golden Oak

Louvre Sizes

Louvres are available in all the usual louver sizes of 47, 64, 89 and the largest louver 114mm, this being the most popular as it lets more light in than the other sizes.  All except the 47mm louver can be installed with the hidden tilt mechanism.

Full Height

We feel the only suitable style is the full height with divider option, as the divider rail gives the whole shutter more rigidity and therefore retains your full guarantee. Café style and tier on tier shutters are totally inappropriate for this type of installation.

Track System

For very wide French Doors we would strongly advise, where possible, a track system is used instead of the traditional frame with hinged panels. This is because the more door panels you have the more stress is put on the frame and hinges which could result in the doors dropping over time. Track systems can be either a by-pass installation, where the shutter door panels slide behind each other or the multi-fold option, where the shutter door panels simply fold together, sometimes to one end or more commonly split and therefore slide half to the left and half to the right.


Suitable Materials for French Doors are: Bali, Coralwood, Larchwood, Basswood and Cedarwood.

Solid Base

Some French Doors have a solid lower section with a glazed upper section, for these types of French Doors our Solid based Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice. As the name suggests these have a solid panel base below the divider rail, with whichever size louver you choose in the top section. These, though, are only available in the Larchwood, Basswood and Cedarwood materials.

Inward Opening Doors

If you have a French door that opens inwards then this must be designed slightly differently. Our suggestion at Shutter Master is to use our outside recess Camber-deco frame which fits outside of the door recess allowing your French doors to open in to the room freely.