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Raised Shutter Panels

Raised panels are available in Pearlwood and Basswood

Image Of Raised Panel Shutters

Victorian Raised Panel Shutters

Moulded Shutter Panels

Solid moulded panels are available in Basswood only

Image Of Soild Moulded Shutters

Victorian Moulded Panel Shutters

Shaker Shutter Panels

Solid Shaker panels are available in Basswood only

Image Of Solid Shaker Shutters

Victorian Shaker Shutter Panels

Victorian Shutters

Victorian shutters are available in Basswood, Cedar and Pearlwood. They are available in four different styles, there are the raised panels, the moulded panels, the shaker panels and the solid based panels.

The solid panel shutters we offer are very similar to the Victorian window shutters that were often made from Pine. They can be used as a replacement for the Victorian style but only if fitted as a complete set. For example you cannot have old and new shutters together because the styles are slightly different, plus it would be almost impossible to match the colour of antique pine with modern factory processes.

When considering Victorian shutters it’s important that you have enough space in the window recess to open them fully. If you don’t have enough room inside the recess then you will need space either side of the window opening so the shutters can open fully. With solid panels they are either open or closed. The louvre shutters are intended to stay closed and for you to use the louvre’s to control the light. If in doubt take a digital photo and send it to us then we will be able to advise you better.

The colours available for solid panels depends upon the range chosen.

Solid Base Panels

Solid based shutter panels are a combination of a louvre panel and a solid raised panel together, this style is ideal as a room divider or to cover alcoves and under stairs spaces.
Available in Basswood and Pearlwood shutter ranges

Image Of Solid Based Shutters

Victorian Solid Based Panels

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