The Bali Range

The introduction of our new Bali range of shutters offers affordability with a light weight construction. It has been specifically designed to overcome the weight limitations of our Craftwood shutter.

Craftwood is manufactured from a composite material called MDF, but it has one main disadvantage over our other products; it is heavier than natural timbers and is not suitable for larger installations such as patio and terrace doors, tall windows or windows that need multi-fold door configurations. In these circumstances there was no option but to have the lighter weight natural wooden shutters which are at a higher price point.

The introduction of the new Bali range overcomes this heavy weight problem. Although they cost little more than Craftwood they are much more affordable than the premium natural timbers.


This is achieved by having MDF outer frames and shutter panel stiles and rails but using lightweight ABS polymer vinyl for the louvres, reducing the weight considerably. The vinyl louvres have wooden inserts to allow secure fastening of tilt rods etc. The wooden inserts also act as a support ensuring the louvres stay perfectly straight throughout the lifetime of the shutters and allows shutter panels to be made up to 915mm wide for single hung panels and 610mm for bi-fold configurations. Anything above bi-fold must then be used in conjunction with a tracked system. Due to the hybrid nature of the Bali shutters they are only available in painted finishes but there are twenty eight colours to choose from.
As with all our materials, panels above 1800mm must include a divider rail.

Louvre Sizes

Four louvre sizes are available and they are 47, 64, 89 and 114mm and the Bali range even offers the choice of special shapes like arches, circles and triangles.

It’s not only the larger installations though that can benefit from the new Bali range. The very popular Craftwood range has a limited selection of colours whereas the Bali has additional colours to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect colour to suit any window in your home.


Our online quote form will give you some idea of the prices. Just enter the width and height of the windows you want covered and the price will be calculated for you. Your measurements don’t have to be exact at this time. If you would like to proceed further then enter your details in our survey request form and send it to us.
We will contact you to arrange a FREE, no obligation survey. You can also call our sales team on 0845 459 0363 for more information or to book that survey.

Window shutters are fast becoming the number one window dressing because of their versatility in controlling light and privacy, their added insulation and the extra security feature they provide.

They are sleek, sturdy and long lasting and because we are a licensed master partner of S:Craft, the manufacturer, we can offer you a full five year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Plantation shutters have never been so affordable and with the new Bali range any window can now easily become a spectacular feature of your home at a very competitive price. For wooden shutters in London look for Shutter Master

Bali Plantation Shutters