Cedar Shutters

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Cedar Window Shutters Recently Installed In London

Probably the most beautiful and stable material with which to manufacture Plantation or Solid Panel shutters is undoubtedly Cedar. The cedar shutters supplied and installed by Shutter Master have an excellent grain structure, very fine and of a uniform pattern. Some hardwoods have coarse, irregular grains but not cedar. That is why cedar sit at the top of the pile when it comes to shutter manufacture. There are cheaper materials that are used to make plantation and solid panel shutters but nothing beats the look, feel and fragrance of natural cedar.Being a top quality material does, unfortunately, mean they are quite expensive but they will last a lifetime and I can guarantee that whichever style of cedar you choose you will not be disappointed.

They are available in three main styles and can also cater for special shapes such as arches and circles. As mentioned previously they are available as plantation shutters which have louvred doors and as solid panel shutters which, obviously, have solid wood doors.

Although they are available in painted finishes it really would be a shame to have them coated in paint and hide the beauty of the natural cedar. In our opinion only a stained or oiled finish should be added to cedar shutters and the painted finishes left to the lower grades of materials. This is only our opinion, of course, you as the customer may think differently.

Tier on Tier

Having this style is the most versatile. They will cover the full height of the window but the shutters will be in two sections - upper and lower - which can be opened independently. This gives you the option of leaving the lower section closed to maintain privacy and opening the top section to allow plenty of light to flood into your room.

Full Height

This style also covers the full height of the window but each door panel will be one section. A mid-rail or divider can be integrated into the full height doors which then allows the louvres themselves to be operated separately although the doors will still open as one unit.

Café Style

This style of cedar shutters is very popular with customers who have properties close to walkways or pavements to prevent passersby from invading your privacy. Because café style only cover the lower part of your window they are used primarily for privacy and not light control.

Louvre Sizes

Cedar shutters have four louvre widths, 47mm, 64, 89 and 114 with a choice of a central tilt rod, an offset tilt rod or for a little extra the sleek and modern looking hidden tilt, this last option though isn’t available on the 47mm louvres.


Hinges can be supplied in Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Stainless Steel, Brushed Nickel or Nickel Plated.

If you would like to transform any room in your home with Shutter Master’s cedar shutters then give us a call on 0845 459 0363 and arrange a FREE, no obligation survey.