Cuba (hybrid) Shutters

The Cuba range, formerly known as Coralwood, is the second level of material supplied by Shutter Master.

If you like the idea of real wood but still want a painted finish and keep the cost down then these shutters are the ones for you.

Constructed with an MDF outer frame and engineered hardwood panels this is the perfect choice for those larger windows and patio doors.

The lightweight property of the hardwood allows for wider panels. This is particularly useful on bi-fold shutters, reducing stress on the hinges and ensuring that your shutter panels do not ‘drop’ over a period of time.

The addition of 114mm louvres and an extra colour, Bisque, are other benefits of this range.

Having real wood in their construction does make this range a little more expensive than Antigua but are considerably more affordable than the full hardwood ranges.

Cuba Plantation Shutters installed in a Bay Window