Antigua MDF Shutters

Antigua is the name of our MDF range of shutters, formerly known as Craftwood.

This is our entry level material and our most affordable.

Although there are a few limitations in the Antigua range the fact that over 85% of our customers opt for this material suggests that the limitations are rarely a problem.

Antigua shutters are available in all three main designs, Tier on Tier, Full Height and Café.

With MDF being heavier than natural timber there are certain limitations on size and they are not available in solid panel or stained finishes.

However, if you are looking at value for money then you can’t go wrong in choosing our Antigua shutters.

Available in 5 painted finishes these shutters are robust and offer excellent insulation properties.

Once these shutters are installed it would take a keen eye to distinguish them from the more expensive ranges and they carry the same 5 year warranty.

Louvre Sizes:

           The louvers in the Craftwood MDF range are available in 3 sizes. 47mm, 64mm and 89mm

Antigua MDF Shutters

Antigua MDF Shutters