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Door Shutters

Doors are often quite difficult to find the perfect covering for. Because doors are generally used more than windows, by this I mean they are constantly being opened and closed compared to windows, traditional blinds and curtains can be quite awkward.

Image Of Door Shutters
All Doors Are Suitable For Door Shutters




Privacy & Light Control

Blinds have to be raised or opened just to get access to the door; not a major problem, granted, but it can be a nuisance. The same goes for curtains and when the curtains are closed for privacy you get no daylight and when they are opened to allow in natural sunlight, you have no privacy.

Shutter Master’s shutters are the ideal solution. This type of shutter installation not only looks good but they are also extremely practical too. They not only have a excellent combination of privacy and light control they also offer added insulation and extra security.

Whether you have patio doors, wide terrace doors or French doors there is a design to suit your home.


In the past this type of shutter would have been made solely out of natural timber due to their size. This would keep the weight down so that they would not sag over time. This, though, did make them fairly expensive. The costs have come down quite a bit in recent years and are now even more affordable with the introduction of our Bali range. The Bali range has MDF frames and vinyl louvres which keeps both the weight and the price down.

If, like a few people, you want our solid panel range they are only available in the various hardwoods. The solid panel door shutters are also often used as wardrobe doors.

Track System

Wider installations are normally installed with a track system for two reasons.

One, it allows the weight of the door shutters to be supported by the track and two, we can use the Craftwood(MDF) range of material to reduce costs further.


Door shutters are supplied in the full height style, usually with a divider rail. This has two benefits, it strengthens the door shutter panel to resist warping and thus preserving your guarantees and it allows the top and bottom sections of louvres to be opened or closed independently.


Some doors open inwards which makes the installation of standard frames or track systems unsuitable as they would obstruct the opening of the door. On these occasions we would use the outside recess Camber Deco frame.
Door shutters can sometimes be fitted directly onto your door to allow them to open as a single unit but this depends largely on the type of door and the handles that are on them.

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