tier on tier shutters

Edwardian House in Chiswick

Mrs S of Chiswick knows a bit about style having just had her Edwardian house re-furbished to a very high standard.

She was left with one final task. How to dress the windows?

The easy answer was . . . Plantation Shutters of course.

The versatility of Plantation Shutters was her deciding factor. With the different styles available these shutters were the perfect solution to her requirements, and, as the pictures show, they look pretty good too.

The Café style shutters in her living room are an ideal choice when all you need is some privacy from passers-by when your windows are close to the pavement. The uncovered top section still allows plenty of light to flood in.

In the bedroom not only do you need privacy but keeping out the light is a necessity. This is where the Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters come into their own.

This is the most flexible style when it comes to privacy and light. Two sections, one above the other, that open independently.

Both the living room and bedroom shutters were produced in our Antigua range with a Pure White finish. As an added option the louvres were fitted with the hidden tilt mechanism.

For the bathroom, Mrs S again chose the Café style of shutter but this time opted for our waterproof, Java range – a better choice for shower rooms and bathrooms which ensures a longer life when fitted in areas of high moisture and steam.

The overall effect left us with yet another delighted client and the promise of a further order in the near future for the back of the house.

What other window covering can offer the versatility and spectacular look that Plantation Shutters give?