Full Height Shutters

Our full height shutters are generally used on small to medium sized windows but can also be used on larger ones if required. Occasionally on the larger windows we might suggest that if this is the style you require then an upgrade to a lighter shutter may be beneficial to reduce the weight on the hinges especially on wider windows although this is not always necessary.

Full height shutters literally cover the full height of a window and the panels can also be split with a divider or mid-rail. Up to two mid-rails can be added to each panel if required.

Divider Rails, Mid Rails

This divider or mid-rail allows the louvres to be adjusted independently but the panels will open as one. This means full privacy can be maintained by closing the bottom set of  louvres whilst allow light in by opening the top set.

The mid-rail also has a second function. On taller shutters it adds strength and stability to the panel and if the shutter height is greater than 1800mm the mid-rail is compulsory to prevent any chance of warping. This is part of the manufacturer’s guidelines and allows warranties to be maintained.

On Victorian sash windows this style also looks good in conjunction with our solid panel range of shutters to give a similar effect to the originals.

full height shutter