Internal Shutters

Internal shutters are sometimes known as wooden shutters, window shutters and plantation shutters. The latter being their better known description. They can be manufactured in natural wood, composite materials like MDF and LDF, plastic, vinyl and very occasionally aluminium.

Picture of MDF Window Shutters
MDF Internal Shutters


The internal shutters we supply and install at Shutter Master are made from high quality hardwoods like Larch, Basswood and Cedar. These are very stable materials and are highly resistant to twisting and warping. They are all sourced and farmed responsibly in regulated and certified forests.

The natural hardwoods with their fine grain structures are perfect for staining and varnishing as well as painting, they are, however, fairly expensive.

We at Shutter Master know that the vast majority of home owners, when looking to re-furbish or decorate their rooms are likely to be on some sort of budget – not everyone has a ‘money no object’ bank balance, do they?

This is where our entry level materials come in and have proved very popular with our customers.


We call our MDF shutters Craftwood. They are our entry level range and are very popular as they are very affordable. The Craftwood are limited to our five most used paint finishes, Silk White, Pearl, Bright White, Creamy and Bisque. This very seldom is a problem as most customers, approximately 90% in fact, choose Silk White anyway.

The only slight disadvantage is that Craftwood are heavier than those made from natural timber. Very large installations or ones where more than four panels are required would not be supplied in Craftwood as this would void the manufacturer’s warranty.


The Bali range of interior shutters is a recent addition and is also becoming rather popular with customers. This is a hybrid range, combining MDF frames with vinyl louvres. Although slightly more expensive than the Craftwood range they are still quite a bit cheaper than the hardwood options and because they are lighter they can be used in the larger installations where Craftwoood can’t.

The Bali interior shutters are available in a much wider range of colours which is another advantage.


Coralwood interior shutters are our lowest priced natural timber shutters. Made from a standard grade Basswood they are only available in the same five colours as Craftwood. As they are made from lightweight natural timber they too are suitable for the larger installations and you get the satisfaction of real wood for considerably less than the higher grade materials.


All shutters consist of an outer frame, which is either fixed directly to your existing window frame or inside the window recess depending on the type of windows your are fitting them to, plus a set of shutter panels which are hung from the frames with hinges. Our shutters also have various options that you can choose from such as louvre size, hinge colour and tilt mechanism to name a few.

Shutter Master’s iternal shutters, as the name suggests, are only suitable for indoor use.

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