MDF Shutters

Image of MDF Shutters Cafe Style
MDF Shutters Cafe Style

MDF shutters are proving to be very popular in the UK. Some people frown when hearing the name MDF, which actually stands for Medium Density fiberboard, but there really is no reason to. Approximately 85% of Shutter Master’s customers choose MDF as the material with which to have their shutters made. The main reason is, quite simply, they are very affordable. When compared with top quality natural timbers they offer superb value for money and in many cases are visibly indistinguishable to anyone but those with a trained eye.

But don’t they warp or swell? Is a question often asked when MDF shutters are mentioned and the answer to that is, ‘No more likely than the natural timber products.’ This is because in the UK we do not have severe extremes of temperature – the summers are not unbearably hot and the winters are not too cold. In certain situations that have a high moisture content, particularly windows in bathrooms that are close to a shower, we would recommend our waterproof range. It would be unlikely that we would even install a natural timber shutter in such a place.

 MDF Shutters Limitations

  • They are only available in a limited colour palette of five colours, including our most popular Silk White. Approximately 90% of our shutters are sold with a Silk White finish anyway so this is seldom a problem.
  • They are heavier than natural timber shutters. For larger installations such as Patio doors or particularly wide windows or installations that require more than four shutter panels we would not usually use MDF shutters as they might sag a little over time due to the weight. This, however, is overcome by the introduction of our Bali range; a hybrid of MDF frames with vinyl louvres. These are much lighter and are available in a wider array of colours. They are slightly more expensive but not as much as the natural timbers we would have had to use in the past.
  • Panel configurations are limited to a maximum of two panels per side, four in total. There are not many windows where this is a problem but then we come back again to our Bali range which solves this problem should it ever arise.
  • MDF shutters cannot be used for special shape windows like arches and circles but they can be used for triangular shapes. Our special shape shutters are only a very small percentage of our work, probably less than 5% and then maybe not even that. So again, this rarely becomes a problem.

So there you have it, three disadvantages of MDF shutters that have solutions and turn out to be not much of a problem after all and one that is only very occasionally an issue.

All our MDF shutters carry the same five year warranty as all our other products and can transform any window in your home into a beautiful focal point.

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