Patio Door Shutters

Patio Door Shutters are installed the same way as French Door Shutters as they are just as difficult to find coverings for, the only slight difference is that usually Patio Doors slide in front of each other instead of swinging in or out of the room, this means the Shutter needs to be installed slightly more forward than normal, this also accommodates for the larger handles that are normally found on Patio Doors.

The usual window coverings like blinds and curtains can get caught up and damaged in the sliding mechanism of the door.


Made from the highest quality natural timbers on the market such as Larchwood, Basswood and Cedarwood, these shutters are not only beautiful and stylish but are extremely practical and versatile.
With the introduction of our new Bali range, which is a combination of MDF frames with vinyl louvers, our Patio Door range is now even more affordable.

Similar to French Door Shutters, we feel at Shutter Master that the only style suitable for Patio Doors is full height with a divider rail as it strengthens and gives the whole shutter more stability.


The same as all the other style of shutters in our range, all louver sizes are available with the largest ones being more popular as they allow the most amount of light into the room. Louver sizes available are: 47mm, 64, 89 and 114. All of these except the 47mm can be made with our popular hidden tilt option.

Other options like Brass and stainless steel hinges can also be supplied, please speak to the surveyor on your FREE, no obligation on site survey.

Track System

As with any large installation we often recommend a track system be fitted instead of the traditional frame and hinge option. This then allows the weight of the shutter door panels to be distributed evenly and supported by an overhead top track. The other advantage of having a track system is that you can have them made in our popular entry level MDF range, which we call Craftwood.

All our Shutters carry the same 5 year guarantees whether they are the more affordable Craftwood (MDF), Coralwood or Bali materials or our top of the range natural timbers such as Larchwood, Basswood and Cedarwood.

With smaller installations when using our frame system, we recommend only having a three sided frame; this removes the bottom frame section as with all door shutters it can be a trip hazard.

All our shutters are made to measure to give you and your windows the perfect fit, so why not transform your Patio Doors into a sleek, stylish addition to your home.

Book a Survey

To book a free, no obligation site survey with one of our friendly surveyors, please contact us on 0845 459 0363 or head over to our online survey request page. Our Surveyor will bring a full range of materials and colours for you to choose from in the comfort of your own home, he will also take full measurements and give you an accurate price on the day.