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Our Plantation Shutters

Not only do we at Shutter Master offer great prices we also offer excellent quality when it comes to the Plantation shutters we supply and install.

Although there are several brands of plantation shutters available we only use those from the leading supplier shutters in the UK – S:Craft.

Scraft Plantation Shutters

This stunning range of made-to-measure shutters is produced with the highest grade of materials and should give you many years of pleasure.

From our entry level Antigua(MDF) range through to the top level Sumatra (White Teak) you will be hard pushed to find a higher quality on the market today.

With the ever increasing popularity in using shutters instead of dated blinds and curtains Shutter Master endeavour to supply a superb product at very affordable prices.

With the three main styles of Tier on Tier, Full Height and Café, plus the options of six different louvre sizes, a huge colour palette and the fact that these shutters can be made in triangular, circular and arched shapes to fit those awkward windows there is bound to be something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Not only do these shutters look good they have practical advantages as well. Enhanced security, improved insulation and easily cleaned are just a few.

Antigua(MDF) Plantation Shutters

Our entry level MDF shutters provide excellent value for money and are extremely robust. Although there are a few limitations on the Antigua range the fact that around 85% of our sales are in this material suggests that these limitations are rarely a problem and they carry the same five-year warranty as our higher ranges. Available in our five most popular painted colours these shutters can also be produced in angular shapes such as triangles as well as the usual square and rectangular.

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Bermuda Plantation Shutters

The relatively new Bermuda range is an MDF shutter but is produced with lighter, ABS plastic louvres which reduce the overall weight of the shutter panels.

Although they are a little more expensive than the Antigua shutters this material allows for the manufacture of wider panels than those available on the heavier Antigua range, perfect for patio doors or the larger window where previously the customer would have needed to upgrade to the costlier hardwood shutters. 

Another advantage is the wider array of painted colours available. Angular shaped shutters are also available.

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Cuba Plantation Shutters

Our second hybrid option is made with an MDF outer frame with engineered hardwood panels. These can be supplied with one of our six most popular colours and like the Bermuda range provides a lighter shutter for wider windows and doors. Unlike the Bermuda range though, these shutters can be produced with four panels per side instead of two.

As with the other ranges that are MDF based these shutters are available with angular shapes.

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Java (waterproof)

There are certain rooms where only a waterproof shutter is suitable. Areas of high condensation or humidity will require a shutter in the Java range. Made from a high grade ABS plastic and supplied only with stainless steel hinges these shutters are totally waterproof and perfect for shower rooms, bathrooms and even pool rooms.

Unlike other waterproof shutters on the market that are made of vinyl these ABS shutters are robust and give a higher quality look and are easy to clean.. The hard wearing nature of these shutters makes them ideal for areas of high traffic or children’s rooms where toughness and cleanliness are essential.

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Fiji Plantation and Solid Shutters

Our first level of full hardwood is divided into two sections – the painted and the stained.

The painted version is made from ethically sourced hardwoods that have a flat, even grained surface that is perfect for painting.

 The stained version is made from Paulownia, a fast growing, easily sustainable tree that makes it environmentally friendly.

Available with a choice of 28 painted and 20 stained finishes these shutters are of the highest quality, as you would expect from a premium range product.

This is the first level of shutter material where arched and circular shutters are available as well as solid panels.

Our solid raised shutters are a modern equivalent to the old Victorian styles.

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Sumatra Shutters

The excellent White Teak we call Sumatra is the top of the range. This is a very stable material and resistant to warping making it ideal for the production of plantation shutters. Its fine, even grain makes it suitable for painting and staining producing wonderfully beautiful shutters.

The solid shaker panels are available in this range but only with a stained finish.

There is also the addition of 32mm louvres on these shutters.

The Sumatra range is probably one of the highest quality shutters available in the UK and definitely one for the connoisseurs.

Portchester Aluminium Security Shutters

The new aluminium Portchester Range delivers safety and style in equal measures. It offers an additional layer of window protection if you want to enhance home security, but don’t wish to compromise on elegance.

 Whilst the Portchester range looks just like our normal elegant plantation shutters, there’s one clear difference. They also have a lock and key.

Manufactured in South Africa, where home security is a high priority, these robust shutters are designed with both protection and poise in mind.

It means you have an elegant alternative to installing heavy traditional security grilles, roller shutters or burglar bars.

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Plantation Shutters

Sumatra Plantation Shutters