Use Plantation Window Blinds To Transform The Most Boring Windows

Plantation window blinds, wooden shutters, window shutters, shutter blinds – these are all alternative names for the increasingly popular Plantation Shutters.

Image Of Plantation Window Blinds
Close-Up Of Plantation Window Blinds

Plantation window blinds are swiftly replacing traditional blinds and curtains as the top selling window covering. Take a quick look up and down your street and I’m sure you will see many homes with plantation window blinds at their windows.

“Why are they so popular?”

you may well ask. Well there many answers to that question, some of which are listed below.

Dated net curtains were the only real way to combine light and privacy, no one wants their privacy invaded by passersby or nosey neighbours do they? And keeping your privacy you don’t want to prevent all the natural light from coming into your room, as you would with curtains. The modern home owner whether young or old are now choosing stylish plantation window blinds which have the perfect combination of light and privacy control.

Added insulation. Until you have plantation window blinds fitted to your home you will not realise just how good they are at retaining heat allowing you to keep the thermostat turned down a few degrees and saving some money on those heating bills.

The security factor. Plantation window blinds act as a deterrent to all but the most determined would be intruder and with various types of locking devices available they too would be put off.

Wide range of colours to suit all decors. From painted whites and creams through to many stained, varnished and oiled finishes there is bound to be a plantation blind for you.

Virtually maintenance free. No expensive dry cleaning bills, all these plantation window blinds need is a dusting and the occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

So there you go. Just a few reasons why plantation blinds are being fitted in so many properties up and down the country.

Hardwood or MDF

Shutter Master’s plantation window blinds are available in seven different materials, these are: Craftwood, Bali, Coralwood, Larchwood, Permawood, Basswood and Cedarwood.

Full Height Or Cafe Style

There are three main styles – Tier on Tier, Café and Full height. In the higher grade natural timbers you can have plantation window blinds made to fit arched, circular and triangular windows.

Options include four different louvre widths, hidden tilt mechanism, stainless steel and brass hinges.

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Plantation window blinds could be gracing your home in just eight weeks and transforming your windows into stylish and practical features.