Shutter Blinds Are No Ordinary Blind

Shutter blinds are more often known as Plantation Shutters or Solid Panel Shutters depending on which style you require. Sometimes they are simply referred to as wooden shutters or window shutters.

Photo Of Shutter Blinds On a Window
Shutter Blinds Known As Plantation Shutters

Shutter blinds are a relatively new alternative to traditional blinds and curtains and are far more versatile with regards to light and privacy control.

They have adjustable louvres within the door panels whereas the solid panel blinds have… you’ve guessed, a solid panel. Many are manufactured in hardwoods such as Basswood and Cedarwood but these can be quite expensive and this is why Shutter Master’s Craftwood blinds are so popular.

Material And Colours

Craftwood are made from MDF and are considerably cheaper than the hardwood options –  after all we don’t all have unlimited funds, do we? They do have their limitations; they are heavier than natural timbers and the colours available are restricted to our five most chosen shades of white and cream. Seeing as the Craftwood blinds account for approximately 85% of Shutter Master’s sales tells you that these are very rarely a problem. The vast majority of customers choose a white painted finish anyway as this creates ample light reflection into any room in which they are fitted.
Many people have a low opinion of MDF but they really shouldn’t have, our Craftwood Shutters are virtually indistinguishable from the hardwoods, when painted, and carry the same five year warranty as our top level materials – we wouldn’t offer that if we thought they were a problem, would we?

The solid shutter blinds, however, are only available in the hardwoods and come in two types – the Solid Shaker and the Solid Raised.

Both types have three main styles; Tier on Tier, Café and Full Height with various other options including hinge colour and tilt mechanism to make them more individual.

The hardwood blinds can also be manufactured in special shapes to fit those awkward windows, arches and circles for example.

Take a look around your neighbourhood and you will see more and more homes fitted with shutters as they increase in popularity year after year.

More Information

To find out why, take a look at our online brochure or perhaps give Shutter Master a call on 0845 459 0363 and book FREE, no obligation survey where we can show you some samples in the comfort of your own home and, in the majority of cases, give you a very competitive quote there and then.