Shutter Doors Not For Security But Beauty Too

We have shutters for all kinds of doors whether they are for a Patio or Terrace, a French door or even a standard single door. Most doors are suitable for standard hinged shutters in frames although particularly wide ones sometimes need the track system. Also inward opening doors and sliding Patio doors have to be treated a little differently.

Image Of Door Shutters
Installing Door Shutters Is Not Just For Security

Most Suitable Material

Our entry level MDF range is not always suitable for door shutters due to their extra weight but they can be used on track systems as they will be supported by the track. Not too long ago the natural lightweight timbers would have been used but quite recently we have introduced a new range called Bali, which combines MDF frames with vinyl louvres.

This new range is a lot lighter and more affordable then the natural timbers and is proving to be very popular for door shutters.

There is only one style of shutter that looks good on doors and that is the full height. This style must include a divider rail if the door is over 1800mm to strengthen the panel and avoid twisting.

Louvre Sizes

Although there are four louvre sizes to choose from it is generally thought that the larger louvres of 89mm and 114mm are best suited, this is not set in stone though and it is very much down to the customer which style they would prefer.

The aforementioned inward opening doors are a problem for standard shutters as the frames of the shutters will obstruct the opening of the doors. On these occasions we would recommend an outside recess frame called Camber Deco which solves this problem.

Shutter doors is a very basic term for the shutters we supply and install, they are more often known as Plantation Shutters and are usually thought of as window shutters but they are being fitted more and more on doors as they are a better choice than fitting blinds or curtains as both of these can be cumbersome and impractical on many doors.

Colour Choices

Whether you choose our fabulous natural timbers or the very affordable Bali range your door shutters will be beautifully finished with a five year warranty across the ranges and give you many years of trouble free use. It’s not difficult to see why shutters are becoming the number one choice with home owners and interior designers. With many colours available as standard plus the option of colour matching on the higher grade materials there is bound to be a shutter to suit your decor.

Shutters take six weeks from date of order and are made to measure to give that perfect fit every time.

Book a Survey

By booking a FREE, no obligation survey you can see up close how good our shutters are in the comfort of your own home. Call 0845 459 0363 to speak to one of our advisors who can arrange the survey for you. Our surveyor will go through all the options with you, take full measurements and, more often than not, give you an all inclusive price on the day.