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A Selection Of Shutter Hinges
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Another Selection Of Steel Hinges

The hinges for the shutter panels come in three pieces, two hinge sections and a hinge pin. One piece of each hinge is fitted by the factory to the frame and one to the shutter panel. When the frame and shutter panels are assembled on installation the hinge pin is dropped into place to complete the fitting. The quantity of hinges per shutter panel can be from two to seven depending on the height of the panel and the material you have chosen for your shutters. Both hinge pieces are held in place by two screws which have slight adjustment on them to allow the shutter panels to be aligned correctly on installation. A third screw is fitted on installation to lock the hinges once any necessary adjustment has been made.

There are nine hinge colours to choose from and they are: White, Pearl, Bisque, Black, Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Nickel Plated, Brushed Nickel and Marine Grade Stainless Steel which are shown in the images on the left and right of this page.

The Brushed Nickel and the Stainless Steel options carry a surcharge.

The White, Pearl and Bisque coloured hinges will match the three most popular painted shutter colours that are chosen by the majority of customers. Many people choose the hinge colour to blend in with the shutter colour while others will make a feature of them and match them to other elements of the room, light switches and plug sockets for example.

The marine grade Stainless Steel hinges are supplied as standard on our waterproof Permawood range to retain the waterproof feature of this material.

If your shutters are fitted to a door rather than a window additional hinges may be fitted at the discretion of the workshop. Door shutters are generally left open more often than those fitted to windows and this will reduce the strain on the hinges.


Each shutter panel is held closed to the frame by magnets, which type depends on the material you choose. The colour of the magnets is determined by which colour hinges you have chosen for your shutters. The magnets are fitted to the top and bottom sections of the frame and the corresponding position on the door. Where a three sided frame has been ordered, where there is no bottom frame section, a separate closing bar is supplied which will have a magnet fitted to it. This is not always necessary to be fitted but the installer will advise at the time of fitting.


There are two types of nickel plated knobs available if required at an additional cost. They would be supplied loose and fitted on installation in a position agreed with the customer. Knobs though can spoil the overall sleekness of the shutter but that is your choice of course. Alternatively you can supply your own knobs and our installers will be happy to fit them for you.


Occasionally we are asked to fit shutters into slanted Velux style windows. The weight of the doors will often be enough to prevent the magnets from keeping the doors closed. On these types of installation we would fit additional closure catches to prevent this.

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