Plantation Shutters Can Be Installed To Any Bay Window

Photo Of An Angled Bay Window With Plantation Shutters Fitted
Angled Bay Window And Door With Plantation Shutters Fitted

Many home owners think that its not possible to fit wooden interior shutters to bay windows but that is just a myth. Interior shutters can be fitted to any bay window and Shutter Master are the experts to do this for you.

Here is a list of common bay window types:

  • Box Bay Window
  • Box Bay Window with Center Doors
  • Half Box Bay Window
  • Angled Bay Window 3 Sections
  • Angled Bay Window with Center Doors
  • Half Angled Bay Window 1 Angle
  • Triangle Bay 2 Angles
  • Semi Round Bay Window, 5, 6, Sections
  • Round Bay Window 7 sections or more

Window Materials:

  • Wooden and UPVC

The list of window types above is only of the most common types. If you have a bay window which is different from this do not worry, it’s 99% certain that we can provide you with the Plantation shutters of your dreams.


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What’s The Best Shutter Style For Bay Windows?

The best style is the one that is most suited; Not just to the fit of the window but also the room decor, amount of light required and the practical day to day usage of the shutters. All these factors vary from person to person and home to home, therefore every installation of shutters for bay windows is unique and tailored to you and your home.

How Do I Measure My Bay Window?

Bay windows can be tricky to measure accurately so I suggest you invite one of our advisors round to measure them for you. If you want to measure the windows yourself for a quick quote them simply measure the width and height of each separate section of the window and call us with your window sizes.

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