Tier on Tier Shutters

Plantation shutters are available in four main styles with Tier on Tier being the most flexible option.

This style is very popular with larger windows, especially Victorian sash, and although it is available for any window one of our other styles may be more suitable on some smaller windows.

These shutters are designed with separate panels for the lower and upper halves of the windows allowing them to be opened independently. Keeping the bottom section closed keeps some privacy whilst opening the upper section allows light to flood in.

As a general rule it is better to have narrower panels on Tier on Tier shutters as this allows the panels to fold away to the sides with less intrusion into the room. This is particularly true for bay windows where the centre sections of the bay will fold across the outer sections. Wider panels will tend to cover the outer panels when opened.

We at Shutter Master like to design our shutters to be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and often the amount of glass panes in your windows will determine how many panels you choose to have in your shutters.

           This is a truly classic style that allows you to set the look of your shutters to suit your mood.

tier on tier shutters