Venetian Shutters For Beatutiful Windows

Venetian shutters is a term people use as an alternative to plantation shutters simply because they are similar to the traditional Venetian blinds in that they have horizontal slats. That, though, is where the similarity ends, these are far more versatile than their blind counterparts.

Photo Of Venetian Shutters
Venetian Shutters For Style and Elegance


Unlike Venetian blinds the shutters are made in two sections – the outer frame and the inner shutter panels which in most cases are fixed to the frame with hinges to allow them to be opened fully. The inner shutter panels of Venetian blinds have louvres that tilt to allow light to enter the room in which they are fitted. They are a more permanent fixture to your window or within the window recess and are required to be screwed into position to secure them.
Venetian shutters can be made from many different materials such as hardwoods, MDF or vinyl. They come in a wide variety of colours and styles and are fast becoming a more appealing choice among home owners when it comes to window coverings.

Tier on Tier Venetian
These cover the full height of the window and are separated into upper and lower sections that open independently.

Full Height Venetian
Again, these cover the full height of the window but each panel opens as one full unit. The louvres, however, can be separated into two by a divider rail so that they themselves can be operated independently.

Café Style Venetian
This style of shutter takes its name from the fact that they were very popular in cafes across Europe to shield patrons from onlookers. The Café style shutters cover only the lower half of the window and are therefore used primarily as a privacy screen.

Venetian shutters are stylish and elegant but have other properties as well. They retain heat making it possible to save on heating bills, they provide additional security which is a feature that is often overlooked and they reduce noise levels from outside.

SCraft Shutters

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