Why Plantation Shutters?

When referring to ‘the shutters’ of a property it usually means the window shutters that are more often called Plantation Shutters. These shutters are constructed mainly of natural timbers or composite materials like MDF and occasionally vinyl and plastic are used too.

So what exactly are the shutters we use to dress the windows? They come in many styles and designs to suit virtually every window including bay windows, sash windows and arched windows as well as straightforward square and rectangular.

An Image Of Modern Shutters
Modern Shutters Are Far More Than Just Good Looks

There is a choice of three different styles which are Tier on Tier, Full Height and Café. Each style has its own advantages and the windows you want covered sometimes dictate which style is best suited to your property.

Let’s look at all three styles a little more closely.

Tier on Tier

This style is the most flexible when it comes to the combination of privacy and light control. They have two tiers of shutter panels that open independently allowing you to leave the bottom tier closed and thus maintaining privacy and opening the top tier to let in plenty of light. You can have both tiers open to gain full access to the window – this is quite popular when there is a nice view to look at, your perfectly designed back garden perhaps. Closing both sets of tiers gives you almost complete darkness, ideal for bedrooms. Light can then be let into the room by simply tilting the louvres.


Full Height

The shutters in the full height style are more often used on shorter windows and, as the name suggests, will cover the full height of the window. The door panels can include a divider rail which separates the panel into two sections allowing each set of louvres to open independently although the shutter panel will still open as one piece. Shutters over the height of 1800mm must have a divider rail to maintain its rigidity and preserve the warranty.

Café Style

Café style shutters were used by café and restaurant owners all over Europe to provide privacy for their diners, hence their name. Nowadays they are more likely to be fitted in properties that have windows close to pavements and roads to keep out the prying eyes of passers by. The shutters in this style are only fitted to the lower section of the window so are used solely for the privacy factor and not light control. They are sometimes coupled with blinds for those occasions when you might want to keep out the light as well.

Each style of shutter is available in any of seven materials and with a wide range of painted colours, stains and varnishes available there is bound to be a shutter to suit your home.


From the very affordable MDF through to the premium quality Cedarwood there is also a shutter to suit every budget.

Most shutters also have a choice of louvre widths, hinge colours and tilt rod design.

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