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Wooden Solid Panel Shutters

Although Plantation Shutters are made from various materials, there are a few reasons why you should choose the natural beauty of real wood plantation shutters.

Image Of Bi-fold shutters
Wooden Solid Panel Shutters With 3 Year Guarantee By Shutter Master

The solid panel shutters are, however, only available in the hardwood options, and are not requested as much as the louvred shutters, simply because they are a less flexible option when it comes to controlling light and privacy. In the right property though, they will look stunning and create that period feel you get with older houses.

Although composite materials like MDF and LDF are a cheaper alternative and are perfectly okay for many situations they are limited both in styles and colours.

Price Range

Our lowest priced wood plantation shutters is Coralwood, this is a standard grade Basswood which does not have as good a grain structure as the premium Basswood plus the shutter panel joints are dowelled and glued as opposed to the mortise and tenon joints of the higher grade materials. The colours are limited to five main paint colours that you get with MDF. Coralwood does allow you to have real wood plantation shutters at a much lower price and being real wood they are lighter in weight and can cater for larger installations like patio doors.

The mid priced Larchwood has a coarse grain and is suitable for staining and varnishing. It is the first level of material that allows you to have special shaped shutters such as arches and the solid raised are also available in Larchwood. There is a wider range of painted colours to choose from plus several stained and varnished finishes.

Basswood real wood shutters are one of our premium grades available. All types of windows are catered for including Arched, Circular, Eyebrow, Gothic and Hexagonal. With the Basswood shutters there is the added choice of solid shaker style of solid panel shutter. Basswood has a very fine, even grain and is one of the most stable materials with which to have wood plantation or solid shutters made.

Cedar wood is our highest priced material but its quality speaks for itself. With the pungent smell of cedar it would be a travesty to have these superior shutters painted. We have several oiled and lacquered finishes to choose from to retain the natural beauty of the wood. All the shaped and solid panel options are available with the Cedarwood shutters.

Availability Of Solid Panels

Real wood shutters will enhance any window in your home and create a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere. Available in Tier on Tier, Full Height and Café styles plus the choice of painted, stained, varnished and oiled finishes as well as the custom colour option there is bound to be a shutter to suit your home and décor.

To arrange a FREE, no obligation home survey just give Shutter Master a call on 0845 459 0363 and you too could have the beautiful wood plantation shutters gracing your windows in six weeks and probably for a lot less than you imagine.