Wooden Shutters For Beautiful Windows

For the last ten years and, and especially in the last five, wooden shutters have become a firm favourite with home owners and interior designers. ‘But what are wooden shutters?’ I hear you ask.

Picture Of Wooden Shutters
Wooden Shutters Add Beauty To Any Window

Well let me explain. Wooden shutters are divided into three main types: Plantation louvred shutters, solid Victorian style and solid based. The latter is a mixture of the other two. The lower section would be solid, with the top section having louvres.

Shutter Styles

The most popular of these wooden shutters is the plantation or louvred shutter. These consist of an outer framework in the majority of cases with shutter panels mounted with hinges. The amount of panels is usually decided by the width of the window you are covering and which material you choose.

They come in three basic styles Tier on Tier, café style and full height – this style is sometimes manufactured with a mid-rail or divider depending on your type of windows. On windows over 1800mm though, a mid-rail is essential to provide added strength.

Solid Panels

Solid panel shutters were an integral part of a sash window in many houses during the Victorian era. Many of these were removed when curtains came into fashion but are now being fitted again. The solid panel shutters supplied and fitted by Shutter Master are not, however, an exact replacement but are a modern equivalent. The solid panel shutters are available in two types, Shaker and Raised Insert.
Some French doors and, very occasionally, some windows have a solid lower section with a glazed top section. This is where our solid based wooden shutters are the perfect choice as they will match the existing style of the doors or windows. They are also sometimes used as wardrobe doors and are only available in the full height with divider style for obvious reasons.

Natural Wood Or MDF

Wooden shutters by Shutter Master are available in a variety of natural timbers from responsibly managed forests as we believe in protecting the environment. The timbers we use are Basswood, Larch and Cedar; three of the most stable real woods around. We also use composite woods, like MDF, in many installations as that will keep the cost to the customer down to a very affordable level. There is nothing better though than the smell and feel of real, natural wooden shutters.

Paint Colours

Wooden shutters can be painted in any one of about 40 standard paint colours and can even be supplied in a Dulux or Farrell and Ball colour of your choice – this does come at a slight premium though.

All the wooden shutters we supply can also be stained or varnished in a wide array of colours and Cedar has a choice of 6 different oiled finishes.

Wooden shutters can be used to dress those awkward windows too. Arches, triangles and circles are just a few of the special shapes we cater for at Shutter Master.

So why not join the shutter revolution?

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