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Windows Shutters by Shutter Master of London

• Affordable
• Warm in Winter
• Added Privacy & Security
• Arches, Circles & Triangle Shapes Available
• Precise Light & Air Control
• Totally Maintenance Free
• 20 Standard Paint Colours
• 32 Wood Stains
• Custom Colour of Your Choice

Why Shutters?

Plantation shutters signify a contemporary, clean, attractive alternative to old fashioned blinds and curtains. They are completely easy to maintain, effortless to clean and clearly more hygienic. There are so many reasons why they are better than their competitors; the list is endless. The main one is that they are really maintenance free, but levels of privacy and ultimate light control are also top of the list of  benefits. It’s so easy to just tilt the louvre’s slightly, still allowing sufficient light into your room but also keeping nosey neighbours at bay.

Safe and Secure

This product can transform any room into a light and airy space, breathing new life into your home. Another point high on the list of benefits are security. Without doubt they will provide you with added security and peace of mind giving your home that safe feeling. Any would be thief will think twice when they see them, it’s yet another obstacle for them to get past and they won’t like that and move on.

Value for Money

This type of window covering can also save you money this is something that often gets overlooked. There are all sorts of theories as to why the Victorians had shutters on their windows when they also had curtains. They were used for many reasons but the main one was insulation. The insulation properties of our product must not be overlooked.

Styles Available

What about the style, how will they look in my home I hear you asking. They are available in 3 main styles. First there are full height shutters. This is where they are the full height of the window from bottom to top. Next there is there are Cafe style shutters, this is where they cover just the bottom half of the window as seen in many Cafe’s hence the term Cafe style. And then there are Tier on Tier style, with this style you have two sets of panels, one above the other. With this style you can open the top and the bottom independently of each other providing more flexibility of use.

Solid Panels

In addition to the three main styles, we also have Solid shutters. They are more like the original Victorian pine version that were simply tall flat panels hinged together. We produce three types of panels. There is the raised panel, the moulded panel and the shaker style panel. Also there are special shaped shutters,  if you have unusual shaped windows such as an arch, circle, or triangular we can manufacture them to the same shape as your windows.


Clean white walls with black accents is all the rage at the moment and we have black interior shutters for the fashion conscious readers. Not stopping there the range of colours for your new window dressing is only limited to your imagination. We start of with a basic range of 20 painted colours plus a standard 32 wood stains. Not enough? that’s OK because you can have them painted to any colour of your choice in the Dulux and Farrow & Ball paint ranges, for a little extra of course.

Your Choices

You have lots of options to choose from when looking for window dressings. Please take your time to browse through all the products. Once you have decided these are what you want in your home simply choose the style you would like and then the colour. After that is just a simple phone call to Shutter Master on 0845 459 0363 and we will do the rest.

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